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India approves purchase of Boeing's C-17

A File photo of Boeing’s C-17 Globemaster III

NEW DELHI (BNS): Government has in principle approved the purchase of Boeing's C-17 heavy-lift Globemaster III for the Indian Air Force (IAF), a report by a leading newspaper said.

The C-17 deal worth over $2 billion was cleared at a recent meeting of the Defence Acquisition Council chaired by Indian Defence Minister AK Antony, according to the Financial Express.

“The C-17s have been short listed after IAF carried out a thorough study on its capability to take-off and land on short runways with heavy loads. The defence ministry has sent a letter to the US administration seeking a formal offer for these machines,” the daily quoting highly placed sources said.

The deal, likely to be inked in few months, will be discussed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to the US.

Most of IAF's transport aircraft were acquired in the 1980s and the air force is keen to acquire new generation aircraft to replace the ageing Russian IL-76 transport aircraft.

Sources said the IAF will first place an order for 10 C-17s through the US government's foreign military sales (FMS) route, and later go in for a follow-on order.

“For an FMS contract, the US administration, after receiving a letter of request from the MoD, will seek Congressional approval before making a formal offer.”

“If accepted, the aircraft should be inducted in about three years after the contract is signed,” sources added.

An IL-76 can carry a cargo of around 45 tonnes and has a crew of six while a C-17 transport aircraft is capable of carrying 75 tonne or 135 troops. Despite its massive size - 174 feet in length, 55 feet in height and about a 170 feet wingspan - a pilot can fly the C-17 with a simple joystick, much like a fighter aircraft that can be lifesaving in a battle zone as the aircraft can take off quickly and at steep angles. It is powered by four Pratt & Whitney F-117-PW-100 turbofan engines, media reports said.

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