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IAI demos LAHAT missile test firing from helicopter

The LAHAT missile. An IAI photo

TEL AVIV (BNS): The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently carried out successful test firing of a series of LAHAT (Laser Homing Attack) guided missiles from a helicopter.

The demonstration-firing, comprised 8 highly successful launches, carried out at ranges of up to 10 km, and altitudes of 300 to 6,000 feet, both from moving as well as hovering helicopter - to fixed and moving targets.

These scenarios included highly realistic operational scenarios, including a direct hit scored from 10 km, using the helicopter's observation capability but laser designation by a ground force, the company said on Feb. 5.

LAHAT is an accurate lightweight missile, homing-in on a laser spot. It has a ground launch range of 8 km (10 km from helicopters) and can be supplied with a variety of mission-customised warheads, IAI said.

The missile can be launched from ships, vehicles and helicopters.

India's Arjun Mk-II main battle tanks (MBTs) are set to be armed with the LAHAT (anti-tank) variants.


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