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IAF unperturbed by reports of China selling jets to Pak

Air Chief Marshal P V Naik. A file photo

NEW DELHI (PTI): Unperturbed by reports of China selling 36 advanced fighter jets to Pakistan or plans to launch an intelligence satellite, the IAF today said there was "nothing to worry" as Indian armed forces were capable of protecting country's interest.

"Do not worry and do not make people worry. Our country is strong enough. Our Army, Navy and Air Force are capable of looking after the interest of our country," IAF Chief P V Naik told reporters here on the sidelines of an aerospace medicine seminar.

He was responding to queries if the Chinese selling J-10 fighter jets to Pakistan and their plans to launch an intelligence satellite soon was a worry to India.

"When a sovereign country interacts with another country, there is no issue over selling weapons. It is up to them," he said on the fighter jet sales.

Air Chief Marshal Naik said several countries had intelligence satellites and there were several types of satellites in space today.

"However, we have stated that we are not for militarisation of space and the entire world has said that it is not for militarisation of space," he said.

"What China has been doing...we have nothing to do about it. It is their problem. Let them do anything. Do not worry, we are capable of taking care of the country," he added.

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