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IAF to procure new short-range air defence systems

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Looking to strengthen its capabilities to tackle aerial threats, Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to procure short-range air defence systems.

In a recently issued Request for Information (RFI), the IAF has said that the air defence system "will be employed for providing terminal air defence to selected vital assets and points in plains, deserts, semi deserts, hilly and mountainous terrain as pertaining in our country."

Planning to procure a system with a strike-range between 500 meters to three kilometers, the IAF wants the new air defence guns to be capable of engaging targets such as aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles, official sources said.

It has specified that the air defence systems should be able to strike targets at an effective height of 1,500 meters.

The IAF wants the radars of the system to be operational and capable of detecting targets in all-weather conditions.

It also wants the new systems to be highly road mobile and that it should be either mounted on a vehicle or be capable of being towed behind vehicles.

After receiving responses from local and foreign vendors, IAF is expected to release a global tender soon.


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