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IAF to induct 700 more Garud commandos

NEW DELHI (PTI): In the aftermath of the Pathankot terror attack, Indian Air Force will raise ten additional squadrons of Garud commandos, comprising about 700 personnel, to protect its 950 flying and non-flying assets across the country, Defence sources said on Tuesday.

The IAF is also set to expedite its planned fortification of 54 main flying bases with better sensors and electrical fencing.

The decisions were taken after the IAF completed security audit of its establishments following the Pathankot terror attack last month.

The IAF has about 1,080 Garud commandos at present.

"This is a continous process. The plan was already in the pipeline," sources said.

When the Garud force was first formed in 2003, the plan was to have about 2,000 personnel.

Electric fences have already been erected at bases in northern areas and, as per the earlier plan, Pathankot air base would have been the first in the western sector to get it, sources said.

Top sources in the IAF had said the audit, ordered after the Pathankot air base attack, has identified chinks in the security and measures are being taken to plug them.


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