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IAF to have radar system in mountains for better security

HINDON (PTI): As part of a major security upgrade, the Indian Air Force (IAF) will put in place a comprehensive radar system in mountains and other places to plug gaps and deploy fighter aircraft at Delhi and other metro cities for quick response to any possible threat.

"I think by 2014 we would have a very comprehensive and complete radar coverage network in the country. The most difficult part is the mountainous areas and that may take about a year longer," Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne said here.

He told reporters on sidelines of Air Force Day parade here, "We have certain plans, which looks after the air-defence of all the important metros, starting from Delhi. This network comprises radars, early warning systems, missiles as well as the air-borne fighters."

On securing the air-space of National Capital Region (NCR), he said, "Since Hindon is the closest base, it could actually be the right place to base the air-defence fighters."

He said the type of the aircraft to be deployed here has yet not been decided.

"Whether it would be Sukhois or M-MRCA class of aircraft, that decision is not taken but certainly these would be highly capable air-defence fighters," he said.

On the forthcoming army exercise codenamed Op Sudarshan Shakti, he said, "Participants would be the strike corps i.e. 21 Corps from the Indian Army and the South Western Air Command (SWAC) from the IAF."


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