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IAF tests laser guided bombs successfully

An artist's impression of Indian made laser guided bombs (LGBs). A file photo

NEW DELHI (PTI): The DRDO and IAF have successfully tested laser guided bombs (LGBs) designed and developed indigenously for the air force, which is planning to upgrade a large number of its unguided bombs to the standards of the new weapon.

DRDO officials said here on Wednesday that the user trials of the LGBs were successfully carried out at the Pokhran test ranges in Rajasthan desert by the IAF this week.

"The flight tests demonstrated the accuracy, reliability and performance of the precision air launched bombs," the officials said.

"IAF is expected to upgrade a large number of unguided bombs to this standard based on the excellent results seen," they added.

Designed and developed by Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), the tests of the LGBs were conducted after extensive simulation and design validation, they said.

The LGBs were also put through ground experiments followed by a series of flight evaluation.

"A number of hi-tech components have also been developed by Indian industries for this advanced weapon package," they added.

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