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IAF, Army carry out joint exercise in central sector

NEW DELHI (PTI): The Indian Air Force (IAF) has carried out a joint exercise with the Indian Army in the central sector with deployment of multiple combat assets to check the operational readiness of the two forces.

The exercise follows the IAF's two strategic missions over the Indian Ocean region that involved Rafale and Su-30MKI jets.

"The #IAF recently concluded a joint exercise with the Indian Army in the central sector. Multiple combat assets were employed to simulate realistic combat situations for all participants," the IAF tweeted on Sunday.

It, however, did not divulge the details such as date and venue of the operations.

A few days back, a fleet of Su-30MKI jets of the IAF carried out a strategic mission over the Indian Ocean region for eight hours, days after a similar operation was carried out by four Rafale aircraft.

The Su-30MKI jets flew over the South Western region of the Indian Ocean on Thursday demonstrating their operational prowess and capability to carry out long-range missions.

The six-hour mission involving the Rafale fighter aircraft last month covered the eastern region of the Indian Ocean.

The IAF carried out the two missions at a time China has been ramping up its presence in the Indian Ocean region, which is largely considered as the backyard of the Indian Navy.

The Rafale combat aircraft are India's first major acquisition of fighter planes in 23 year after the Sukhoi fighter jets were imported from Russia.

The Rafales are capable of carrying a range of potent weapons.

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