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HMS Bulwark rejoins operational fleet

HMS Bulwark leaving Plymouth. Photo: UK MoD.

PLYMOUTH (BNS): The Royal Navy amphibious landing ship HMS Bulwark has returned to its operational fleet after completing 11 months of upgrading and maintenance programme at the HM Naval Base Devonport, Plymouth.

This was the ship's first docking period since it was formally commissioned into the Royal Navy in April 2005.

The ship has successfully completed the sea trials of three weeks before joining the operational fleet.

"Through an open, engaging and strong partnership with Babcock Marine, HMS Bulwark has successfully met her fleet date. The docking period presented a challenging mix of complexity, time management and detailed and intricate planning,” The Commanding Officer of HMS Bulwark, Captain Alex Burton, said.

Under the maintenance programme, HMS Bulwark is equipped with an improved aviation facilities (the flight deck has the capacity to operate two heavy-lift Chinook helicopters simultaneously), the floodable dock to float landing craft in and out is also upgraded, including the full tactical night-vision capability for her landing craft and aircraft.

The communications equipment of the ship has been enhanced, high pressure salt water systems are improved and the main propulsion system is upgraded.

There were improvements to machinery and magazine spaces and IT network capability, as well as defencive weapons upgrades.

HMS Bulwark is one of the Royal Navy's two assault command and control ships.


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