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Germany wants to hold joint air exercises with India

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BERLIN (PTI): Germany is exploring options of conducting joint air combat exercises with the Indian Air Force (IAF) even as it looks at India as a market for the EADS’ Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft, the country’s Air Chief Aarne Kreuzinger-Janick said here Thursday.

“India does joint combat training with US, France, Russia and other countries. In future, we hope Germany and India can engage in such exercises,” Kreuzinger-Janick said here on the sideslines of the Berlin Air Show.

India holds joint combat exercises with friendly countries from time to time and is a much sought after nation for the NATO countries for combined wargaming.

Indian and French air force have been involved in joint air training, named ‘Garuda’, for several years now and the fourth edition of these exercises will take place in France this month.

These are held once in two years and both the countries take turns in playing host to the exercises.

Kreuzinger-Janick agreed that exercise ‘Garuda’ could be a model for India and Germany to “look at” for its joint air exercises.

The US and India hold joint exercises for the army and the navy as well.

“But we (India and Germany) need to find an environment where we can do that. We are also talking about joint exercises with the Indian navy and army,” Kreuzinger-Janick said.

Germany has already discussed the issue with the Indian government but an understanding has not been reached yet.

“Not yet. But we are in talks with India on joint exercises. Perhaps, we can have a programme in future,” he told Indian reporters in reply to a question.

He insisted that Indo-German air exercises could be held periodically not only in one of the two countries but also in Alaska, Sardinia or in some area along the Mediterranean Sea.


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