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Germany, Israel jointly test WABEP UAV system

Rheinmetall KZO UAV (right) and IAI Harop attack drone. Photo: Rheinmetall Defence.

BERLIN (BNS): Rheinmetall Defence of Düsseldorf and its partner Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have successfully tested the new WABEP 'system of systems'.

The trials focused on the reconnaissance and strike function of the WABEP, which is slated to become the Bundeswehr’s next unmanned air vehicle system, according to a news release by Rheinmetall Defence.

WABEP (which stands for "Wirksystem zur abstandsfähigen Bekämpfung von Einzel- und Punktzielen" or "Weapons system for standoff engagement of individual and point targets") consists of a Rheinmetall-made KZO unmanned reconnaissance air vehicle and a "Harop" attack drone from IAI.

The KZO is packed with high-performance sensors, enabling it to detect and identify targets; the Harop attack drone is responsible for precision engagement of the assigned target, destroying itself in the process.

The successfully executed tests mark the completion of the contractor trials.

During the recently conducted test flights, the exchange of tactical data, target information and sensor imagery between the two ground control stations and the Harop and KZO was successfully demonstrated for the first time in a variety of operational scenarios.

In addition, the companies tested the transmission of Harop data and live videos conducted via the data relay installed on board the KZO-Opale, the release added.

The next step in the realization of the project is a demonstration phase with Bundeswehr participation, which is being conducted at present.


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