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German Air Force receives MANTIS air defence system

The MANTIS air defence system. A German Air Force photo

HUSUM, GERMANY (BNS): The German Air Force 'Luftwaffe' has taken delivery of two MANTIS air defence systems from Rheinmetall Defence on Nov. 26.

The Modular, Automatic and Network-capable Targeting and Interception System (MANTIS), designed to protect troops, military assets and vital installations from rocket, artillery and mortar attacks, was formally handed over to the Luftwaffe at a ceremony in Husum, Germany, which is home of Air Defence Missile Squadron 1 "Schleswig-Holstein".

"Thanks to MANTIS, the German Air Force now has at its disposal the world's leading air defence system for asset protection. It is a highly effective system, capable of countering a wide array of threats in future operational scenarios," said Bodo Garbe, a Rheinmetall official.

A fully automated short-range air defence system, MANTIS is based on the tried-and-tested Oerlikon Skyshield air defence technology. It is equipped with six 35mm automatic guns, a central command ground-control unit and two sensor units.

Besides neutralising incoming artillery, mortar and rockets, the system is also capable of providing protection from aerial threats coming in at low altitude, including manned and unmanned aircraft.

In addition to the air system's current 35mm revolver cannons, Rheinmetall said it plans to augment MANTIS with other effectors such as anti-aircraft missiles or high-energy lasers, integrating them directly into the system.


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