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Aero India 2023

Gen. Anil Chauhan, Chief of Defence Staff, visits BrahMos pavilion at Aero India

General Anil Chauhan, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Indian Armed Forces, interacting with Shri Atul D Rane, OS & DG (BrahMos), DRDO and CEO & MD of BrahMos Aerospace. (Photo: BNS)

NEW DELHI (BNS): General Anil Chauhan, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Indian Armed Forces, visited the BrahMos pavilion during the ongoing Aero India event at Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Gen. Chauhan was briefed by Shri Atul Dinkar Rane, OS & DG (BrahMos), DRDO and CEO & MD of BrahMos Aerospace, and Dr. Sanjeev Kr Joshi, Dy CEO of BrahMos, about the recent accomplishments of the successful BrahMos Joint Venture (JV) and the invincible prowess of the BRAHMOS weapon system which has strengthened the firepower of Indian Armed Forces.

The CDS, who has penned the Foreword for the 12th edition of ‘Brahmand World Defence Update 2023’, was presented a copy of the yearbook during his visit.

BrahMos Aerospace is taking part in the 14th edition of Aero India event and displaying the world's fastest, deadliest precision strike weapon BRAHMOS in land, sea, underwater and air configurations.The futuristic BRAHMOS-NG weapon variant is also being exhibited at the air show.

The India-Russia JV entity between DRDO and NPOM is commemorating the 'Silver Jubilee' year of its formation. The JV has charted glorious milestones, including receiving a multi-million dollar export order from the Republic of Philippines for the supply of shore-based BRAHMOS anti-ship weapon system to the Armed Forces of Philippines.

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Brahmand World Defence Update 2023

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