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GE delivers first engine for CH-53K cargo helicopter

The CH-53K helicopter. A Sikorsky photo

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS (BNS): GE Aviation has delivered the first engine for the Sikorsky-built CH-53K Ground Test Vehicle as part of developing a new heavy-lift cargo helicopter for the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

The GE38-1B engine was delivered after two years’ of successful testing that demonstrated the engine’s ability to provide the increased mission capability required for the USMC missions, GE said.

The GE38-1B is a derivative of the CFE738 commercial turbofan engine and the US Navy T407 turboprop engine.

Sikorsky in 2006 had selected GE to develop the main engines for the CH-53K Super Stallion helicopter which is an advanced version of its predecessor CH-53E.

Sikorsky is building the three-engine CH-53K as the largest and heaviest cargo helicopter in the US military’s arsenal.

It will replace the CH-53E maritime helicopters. The US Navy deploys them from amphibious assault ships to transport personnel and equipment, and to carry external cargo.


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