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French satellite Helios 2B all set to lift off to space

Ariane 5 will launch Helios 2B satellite on Thursday. Image credit: Arianespace

PARIS (BNS): French military reconnaissance satellite Helios-2B is all set to blast off from the French Guiana Spaceport on Thursday.

An Ariane 5 rocket carrying the satellite is scheduled to lift off at 04:26 GMT Thursday, Arianespace announced.

The satellite's launch was put off on December 9 due to technical anomaly.

With a liftoff mass of approximately 4,200 kg, Helios 2B will serve as the second platform in a new-generation space-borne observation system for military applications, Arianespace said.

The military satellite which will join two other satellites of the same group Helios 1A and Helios 2A is designed to strengthen strategic autonomy of France and Europe.

The satellite will significantly increase the number of photographs taken while reducing the time needed for their acquisition.

It has been produced in partnership with Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece.

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