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French Navy receives NH90 NFH naval helicopter

The French Navy has taken delivery of its first NH90 NFH naval helicopter, seen here with its dipping sonar extended during its initial evaluation. NHI photo.

PARIS (BNS): The French Navy has received its first NH90 NFH naval helicopter from the NHIndustries (NHI).

The helicopters were recently delivered at Eurocopterís Marignane plant in France, according to the company news release.

The French armed forces have already placed an order for 61 NH90 aircraft among which 27 are the Naval NFH versions and 34 utility transport TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) versions, which are to be followed by a subsequent optional batch of 34 TTH aircraft.

The NH90 NFH variant is primarily designed for autonomous Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW) missions. The comprehensive mission equipment packages allow a wide range of additional missions to be performed including Search and Rescue (SAR), maritime patrol, vertical replenishment, troop transport, medical evacuation and amphibious support roles.

The helicopter is designed for embarked operations to be performed by day and night in adverse weather conditions. Due to its weight and dimensions, the deck-lock system, the deck traversing system and the automatic blade and tail folding system, it can operate from small frigates even in high sea states.

The NH90 is the most successful European helicopter programme ever. A total of 529 firm orders have been placed by 19 armed forces in 14 countries including France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Spain and Belgium in Europe, as well as Australia, Oman and New Zealand overseas and 46 NH90 helicopters are currently in the military service.

The NH90, developed in the TTH utility transport and NFH naval versions, proves the ideal solution to meet requirements from many potential additional customers worldwide for a large number of missions.

NHI is the prime contractor for design, development, industrialisation, production and logistic support of the NH90 helicopter in all variants.

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