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First aircraft carrier, a morale booster, says Chinese media

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. A China Military Online/MoD photo

BEIJING (PTI): The launch of first aircraft carrier by China is a morale booster and will enhance its status in "South China Sea disputes" besides promoting balance and stability in Asia Pacific, where the US is poised for a big push, the official media has said.

"The aircraft carrier is the milestone of China's construction of power", state-run Global Times said in its editorial titled 'Aircraft carrier brings a timely morale boost'.

"Hopefully, it will also be a psychological milestone for the Chinese people. We should say goodbye to our inferiority complex", it said.

"An aircraft carrier will enhance China's status in the South China Sea disputes", it added highlighting the maritime disputes involving China, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei and Japan in the East China Sea.

"A stronger and confident China will promote balance and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Parties in this region will be calmer by then", it said apparently referring to the new Asia Pacific strategy of the US based on which Washington plans to deploy 60 percent of its assets, which included most of its dozen odd aircraft carriers.

China on Tuesday commissioned Liaoning, its first aircraft carrier, the hull of which was bought from Ukraine.

Chinese strategic analysts said the carrier would provide the much needed strategic depth for its military.

"In modern warfare, small and medium-sized warships are increasingly insufficient in organising active defence for China with an increased strategic depth," Cao Weidong, a researcher with the PLA Navy's military academic research institute told the daily.

Chinese official media previously reported that China's first carrier-based fighter, dubbed the J-15, has been undergoing flight tests.

It is based on the Russian Su-33 carrier-based fighter in terms of structural configuration but has superior sensors, avionics and weapon systems.


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