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First French FREMM frigate Aquitaine readies for sea trials

The French-Italian FREMM design is a large, destroyer-sized and –designated ship displacing over 6,000 tonnes. Photo: DCNS

LORIENT (BNS): DCNS has completed major equipment integration and harbour acceptance tests on board the first-of-class FREMM multi-mission frigate Aquitaine.

The company has scheduled the first sea test of the frigate by next spring.

DCNS will also conduct test for the harbour acceptance, principal systems, the information and communication system, the navigation systems (navigation radar, early warning radar), the electric power and distribution system (including four diesel generators), the combat system and the propulsion system.

The first tests of the electric propulsion motors and of the gas turbine are successfully completed. For the first time the entire transmission system of the frigate was running, from the motors to the test propellers.

Over one thousand components have already been assembled, integrated and embarked onboard the first FREMM. Further components will be installed over the coming weeks, including the propellers, the systems related to the ship safety at sea, the helicopter hangar door and the davits for the semi-rigid boats.

French-Italian FREMM is the most technologically-advanced and most competitive ships on the market


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