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'Fajr 5' rocket fired during Iran war game

A file photo of 'Fajr 5' rocket.

TEHRAN (BNS): Iranian Army has fired ‘Fajr 5’ rocket for the first time during the ‘Velayat 89’ war games on Monday.

"The domestically manufactured defensive rocket was used for the first time during the five-stage military exercise of ‘Velayat 89’ which started last Wednesday and will continue till May 12, " IRNA quoted Commander of Army’s Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan as saying.

The ongoing military drill is an indication to the high potentials of the regional states for the establishment of security in the Mideast region, the commander added.

Meanwhile, military officials from Iraq, Qatar and Oman were invited by the Iran Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics to attend the final stage of the war games.

It is the first time that military officials from Iraq are attending an Iranian military exercise as observers whereas this is the second time that Qatar is taking part in the event. Qatari military delegation previously attended the Great Prophet 5 war games as observers, the news report said.

Different units of the Iranian Army displayed their defensive and deterrent naval power in a vast area which included the Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman and northern Indian Ocean regions.

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