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F-35B accomplishes first night vertical landing aboard USS Wasp

F-35B Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing Variant. Photo: Lockheed Martin.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (BNS): US Marine Corps test pilot Lt. Col. Russell Clift has successfully performed the first F-35B night-time vertical landing aboard the USS WASP.

During the Ship Suitability Sea Trials, also known as Developmental Test Phase Two (DT-II), the F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) variant will demonstrate critical capabilities of the aircraft that will be employed by the US Marine Corps and international partners the United Kingdom and Italy, according to the Lockheed Martin news release.

The two F-35Bs participating in DT-II, known as BF-1and BF-5, had thereby completed a total of 40 short takeoffs and 41 vertical landings.

At the conclusion of DT-II, it is expected the Navy and Marine Corps will have sufficient data to support certification for future F-35B Lighting II shipboard operations in anticipation of initial operating capability in 2015, the release added.


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