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F-15E radar modernization program to enter production

F-15E Silent Eagle. A Boeing photo.

ST. LOUIS (BNS): The US Air Force has granted the F-15E Radar Modernization Program (RMP) approval to begin low-rate initial production (LRIP) of the APG-82(V) 1 radar system.

The RMP leverages prior radar development programs on F-15C and F/A-18E/F aircraft to significantly reduce cost and integration risk for this new radar.

The RMP development effort is undergoing an aggressive 14-month, 110-sortie flight test program. Boeing and Raytheon will perform data reduction analysis throughout the test phase to verify that the system performance meets the rigorous specifications that make the APG-82(V)1 radar state-of-the-art.

Production of the first LRIP lot of six units is scheduled to begin in October, followed by production of 10 units in LRIP 2 and 17 units in LRIP 3.

The RMP APG-82(V)1 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar will replace the F-15E strike fighter's current APG-70 Mechanically Scanned Array radar.

The AESA provides improved radar reliability, maintainability and performance, as well as reduced support costs. When integrated into the F-15E weapons system, the AESA radar will significantly improve detection and tracking of enemy targets.

Other RMP elements include a wideband radome, modified environment control system, and modified radio frequency tunable filters, which allow the radar and electronic warfare system to operate simultaneously.


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