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Exercise Bersama Shield ‘10 concludes

5 of the 75 Squadron FA/18 Hornets line up at Air Force Kauntan Air Force Base during Bersama Shield ‘10. Australian MoD Photo.

SYDNEY (BNS): Australian Air Force has completed a major military exercise Bersama Shield '10 in various locations of the Malaysian Peninsula and South China Sea along with Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA) nations.

Australian Defence Force personnel partnered with the defence forces of Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in the exercise.

The exercise, in which more than 59 military aircraft, 19 warships and 2500 personnel participated, was designed to enhance the interoperability of the combined air, ground and naval forces of the FPDA.

Bersama Shield '10 was conducted by the FPDA from 26th April to 7th May.

“Exercise Bersama Shield 2010 has provided an opportunity to develop relationships with important regional partners while reinforcing Australia’s long-term commitment to regional capacity building,” Commander of the Australian Contingent, Wing Commander Ken Robinson, said in an Australian MoD news release.

Australian Defence Force assets involved in this exercise have included eight F/A-18 combat aircraft from 75 Squadron and an AP-3C Orion aircraft from 10 Squadron.

During the exercise, AP-3C aircraft crew tested their skills and the technologies of their upgraded Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) against an assortment of combat aircraft and warships operated by FPDA member nations.

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