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European satellite Hylas-1 ready for service

Hylas-1 will serve Europe from geostationary orbit above the Atlantic Ocean. An ESA photo.

PARIS (BNS): Hylas-1, the first satellite created specifically to deliver broadband access to European consumers, has performed well throughout its testing in orbit and is now ready for commercial service.

An extensive series of tests has checked the performance of its communications payloads. Conducted from ESA’s new testing facilities in Redu, Belgium, the tests have confirmed that the payload, including the antennas, is in good health, operating correctly and shows no ill effects from space, ESA said.

“The test plan included a very wide range of different checks,” said Andrew Murrell, ESA’s Hylas-1 Payload Manager. “We also demonstrated the payload’s unique ‘highly flexible’ capabilities.”

Hylas-1 is the first European satellite specifically designed to provide interactive broadband services, as ESA’s first public–private partnership in a full satellite system.

ESA’s contribution centres on Hylas-1’s advanced communications payload. The bulk of the mission is financed by commercial operator Avanti Communications.


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