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Eurofighter Typhoon test fires Meteor missile

The Eurofighter Typhoon takes off to test the Meteor BVRAAM. An Eurofighter GmbH photo

LONDON (BNS): In a major milestone, the Eurofighter Typhoon jet has successfully test fired two Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missiles (BVRAAMs), thus paving the way for the weapon's integration on to the aircraft.

The test conducted  over UK's Hebrides Range involved an Airbus Defence & Space Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) 4 (of the Spanish Air Force) with the support of BAE Systems, Eurofighter GmbH, MBDA and UK's Ministry of Defence.

During the test, the Eurofighter Typhoon successfully completed simultaneous firing of two MBDA Meteor BVRAAMs, Eurofighter GmbH, the maker of the Typhoon jet, announced on April 27.

The trial was used to test successful engagement of targets and the simultaneous two-way data link between two missiles and the aircraft. The data gathered follows a series of six successful Meteor firings conducted from the Eurofighter Typhoon in 2016, the official statement said. 

Operational evaluation of the weapon with the UK Royal Air Force is due to begin later in 2017, the company said.


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