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Eight IAF fighter aircraft lost in crashes in two years

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NEW DELHI (PTI): Eight fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force, including seven MiG series aircraft and one Jaguar, have been lost in air crashes in about two years, Government has told the Lok Sabha.

Giving this information in reply to a question in the Lower House on Monday, Defence Minister A K Antony said these aircraft were lost in air crashes that took place during the last financial year (2010-11) and till August 31 this year.

He also cited technical defects and human error as the main causes of these air crashes.

On the amount of money paid as compensation, the Minister said, as on August 31, 2011, a total of Rs 34,45,657 have been paid as compensation for the civilians killed and injured and towards loss of civilian property.

"Major causes of the aircraft accident are technical defects and human error. Each crash of defence aircraft is investigated through a Court of Inquiry and remedial measures are undertaken accordingly," Antony said.

To upgrade flight safety in the force, he said, "Constant interaction with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), both indigenous and foreign, is also maintained to overcome the technical defects of aircraft. Besides, anti-bird measures are also undertaken."

On induction of new aircraft, he said review of existing fleet, upgradation and induction of new fleet is a continuous process dependent on operational requirement of the IAF.

Replying to a question on T-72 tanks, Antony said, "Process of upgrading night fighting capabilities with state-of-the-art thermal imaging is an ongoing process. Out of the total holding of tanks, a part of it is already equipped with high end technology and night vision device."


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