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Data from Chandrayaan-1 being used for second moon mission

India's first mission to moon Chandryaan-1. A file photo

CHENNAI (PTI): Further research was being carried out for the Chandrayaan-2 project, based on the quality data and photographs taken by Chandrayaan-1, whose mission came to an abrupt end last week, a top ISRO official said, Saturday.

"We have received about 70,000 photographs and data from Chandrayaan-1. Based on these data, further research is being carried out for the Chandrayaan-2 project, which is expected to be completed by 2012", Project Director of the Chandrayaan-1 mission M Annadurai told reporters here.

He said the Chandrayaan-1 had given quality data over the last ten months after its launch on October 22.

"These data would be useful for further research", he said on the sidelines of an award function organised by Centenarian Trust.

India's maiden moon mission, which was to last two years, was terminated abruptly on August 29 after Indian Space Research Organisation lost communication with the spacecraft.

ISRO has maintained that 95 per cent of the scientific objectives of Chandrayaan-I had been completed.

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