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DRDO to draw aircraft engine to power battle tanks, locomotives

A File Photo of Kaveri engine, originally meant for powering India's LCAs

BANGALORE (BNS): Kaveri engine, originally meant for India's Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) project, are being drawn to power battle tanks, railway locomotives and commercial and naval ships.

“We are developing the marine version of Kaveri called Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine for India’s Rajput class of ships. It has been transported to Naval Dockyard of Vishakapatnam and is being worked on in the test bed. After making the modifications, we will fit it on board of any Indian warship,” said a scientist at the department of DRDO, as quoted by the English daily The Economic Times.

The Rs 2,839-crore Kaveri project is almost two decades old.

Also, inclusion of Kaveri engine in the Indian Railways which have to transport heavy metals- it will not only reduce the weight but also make transportation much faster. Another defence official added that Kaveri could even be used for powering battle tanks.

Officials are also working at developing a smaller version of Kaveri, which could power drones-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

A defence industry expert said: “The mini Kaveri will be used for payloads for the next generation of UAV also known as Drones which can be 7 kg in weight,” as per the news report.

However, Kaveri will have to prove itself for these newer applications.

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