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DRDO launches fully indigenous assault rifle 'Ugram'

'Ugram' - the new indigenous assault rifle developed by DRDO. (Internet photo)

PUNE (PTI): 'Ugram', an assault rifle developed by the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) in collaboration with a private firm, was launched on Monday, officials said.

The weapon, developed at the Armament Research and Development Establishments (ARDE), the DRDO's Pune-based laboratory, is designed to meet the Indian Army's ‘GSQR’ (General Staff Qualitative Requirement) of a rifle weighing less than four kg, said a release.

The operational prototype of the 7.62 x 51mm assault rifle was unveiled by Dr S V Gade, Director General (Armament & Combat Engineering Cluster) in the presence of A Raju, Director of ARDE.

Raju said this was a "monumental moment" for DRDO and ARDE. "We have been working on the design part of assault rifle for the last two-three years and with the help of Dvipa Armour India Ltd, we could realise this product in record time. This weapon is fully indigenous and matches international standards of similar calibre weapons," he was quoted as saying in the release.

Special care has been taken to ensure reliable functioning with the in-service ammunition, and steel construction of all critical components ensures "ruggedness and intuitive operations", as per the release.

"Prototypes were demonstrated to various senior officials from the Indian Army and the Minister of Home Affairs," it added.

The weapon will be subject to stringent trials by an independent expert committee before field user trials, the release said.

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