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DCNS completes first hull section of Duguay-Trouin nuke-sub

Section of the hull is made ​​of steel alloy, has a diameter of about 9 m, length 4 m and a mass of 40 tons. Photo: DCNS

CHERBOURG (BNS): DCNS has completed the production of the first hull section of the Duguay-Trouin, the second in class of the Barracuda type nuclear-powered attack submarine for French Navy.

Under the Barracuda programme, the French defence procurement agency (DGA) has ordered six submarines to DCNS which will be delivered in between 2017 and 2028.

The company will now fabricate the remaining hull elements for the Duguay-Trouin — 20 other hull sections and 4 interface pieces — in the next few months.

The Barracuda next-generation nuclear-powered attack submarines, or SSNs (French designation SNA-NG), will be a key component of the French Navy’s force projection assets.

In addition to anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, the Barracuda’s mission capabilities will include intelligence gathering, special operations (by deploying commandos) and land strikes, with the MDCN naval cruise missile.

Barracuda SSNs will carry a range of armaments, including the future heavyweight torpedo, the SM39 antiship missile and the MDCN.


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