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China's aircraft carrier embarks on testing mission

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. A file photo

BEIJING (PTI): China's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning" has left a military port in the eastern Shandong Province for a training and testing mission.

According to a statement from the People's Liberation Army Navy, the mission would evaluate the results of tests on the vessel over the past three years.

The aircraft carrier left for the tests on June 12 to an undisclosed location from a military port in Qingdao.

Liaoning has completed more than 100 scientific research tests as well as landing and take-off exercises by J-15 carrier-borne fighters and various types of helicopters, the statement said.

This mission is a routine arrangement in the carrier's training schedule, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Liaoning was refitted based on a Russian-made carrier and commissioned in September 2012.

According to reports, China plans to build two more aircraft carriers.

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