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China to procure 34 Mi-171 transport helicopters from Russia

Mi-171 transport helicopters .

BEIJING (PTI): China will acquire 34 Russian- built Mi-171 transport helicopters by August in line with a deal signed last year.

The Mi-171 helicopters are being built in a plant in Russia's Buryat republic. The plant is a part of the Russian Helicopters holding.

The plant's CEO, Leonid Belykh, said the contract for building the helicopters was signed in 2010, Russia's Interfax news agency reported.

It said Russia will finalise the sale of 34 transport helicopters to China by August, according to Xinhua news agency.

"This is not the first and hopefully not the last contract with our Chinese partners," Belykh said.

Belykh said that Russian helicopter builders have been gradually shifting their cooperation with China from direct shipment to joint projects.

Russia and China have been negotiating on a joint venture for localisation of assembly of the Russian helicopters, he said.

The Mi-171 can be used for both commercial and military purposes, depending on modifications.


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