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China to launch eighth ‘Beidou’ orbiter into space

Model of Beidou navigation satellite. A file photo.

BEIJING (BNS): China is planning to launch its eight indigenously-built navigation satellite ‘Beidou’ into space as part of its construction of indigenous satellite navigation and positioning network.

The Beidou, or Compass, navigation satellite will be launched on a Long March-3A carrier rocket, said an unidentified spokesman for the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province, according to a media report by Xinhua News Agency.

The reports also said the satellite will join seven others already in orbit to form a network, which will eventually consist of 35 satellites.

The network will provide satellite navigation, time and short message services for Asia-Pacific regions by 2012 and global services by 2020.

China has launched seven orbiters for the Beidou networks since 2000, which is currently aiding military navigation, monitoring agricultural and fishery fields, and assisting other large scale projects.

China plans to put a total of 12 Beidou systems in orbit by 2012 which will provide navigation, time and short message services across the Asia and Pacific region.


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