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China launches two more satellites

The Long March 2D rocket taking off from the launch pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern provice of Gansu. Xinhua Photo

HONG KONG (BNS): China continues to make rapid strides in growing space exploration programme with the launch of two more satellites into orbit to help in disaster management.

The two satellites - Chuangxin 1-02 and Shiyan Satellite 3 were launched on a Long March 2D rocket on Wednesday. Out of the two, Chuangxin 1-02 is smaller and is developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is meant to send back hydrological and meteorological data for disaster relief.

Shiyan Satellite 3 has a different role. Developed by Harbin Institute of Technology, it is more for experiments on new technologies in atmospheric exploration. The state news agencies reported that it was 112th launch by Long March series of rockets.

The launch of the two satellites comes close on the successful launch of the third manned space mission and first space walk by Chinese astronauts.

Chinese space scientists are high on confidence after the recent success in difficult missions. Chief designer of the manned space programme, Zhou Jianping was quoted as saying that reforms of 30 years and an opening up drive helped space industry to make impressive progress.

China's space mission started in the 1950s and scientists took 10 years to launch the first liquid fuelled rocket from a very basic facility. There were some launch but the space sector only grew marginally until the late 1970s when the Chinese realised they were nowhere near the space accomplishments of the US, Russia and Europe.

The 1980s prove to be catalyst when the Central Committee of Communist Party of China launched the famous 863 plan. Just a decade after the launching of the plan, China conceived its manned space programme in 1992. Billions of dollars were pumped into the programme which has been moving confidently achieving rare feats.

The state agency claimed that there have been 107 launches since 1978 and in the last three decades 110 satellites and six astronauts have been sent onboard three Shenzhou spacecraft.

The exploration of space has been utilised well in various fields for industrial and agricultural growth. The agency claimed that 80 per cent of new materials developed by Chinese scientists were first used in the space sector.

The trusted Long March rockets alone have put 35 satellites from 13 countries. It is now an established vehicle in the space world. Long March signifies long march of Chinese space programme as it continues to provide error-free service to the space scientists.

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