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China launches research satellite into space

China launches research satellite 'Shijian XII' into orbit

JIUQUAN, GANSU (BNS): China Tuesday successfully sent into space a scientific research satellite "Shijian XII," from northwest China's Gansu Province.

The satellite carried by Long March 2D rocket was launched at 9:39 a.m (local time) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of Gansu Province, Xinhua said.

Shijian XII has been designed for carrying out scientific and technological experiments including space environment probe, measurement and communications, the news agency quoting sources at the launch center said.

The satellite was developed by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, a research institution affiliated to state-run China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The Long March rocket was first produced in 1970. Tuesday marks the 125th flight of Long March rockets, the report said.

The CZ-2D Long March 2D launch vehicle is a two-stage rocket which can launch a 3,500kg cargo into a 200 km circular orbit. Its first stage is the same of the CZ-4 Chang Zheng-4. The second stage is based on CZ-4 second stage with an improved equipment bay.


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