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China launches crackdown on leakage of military info

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BEIJING (PTI): China's military has issued guidelines to enhance management of its information with a directive to severely crackdown on illegal online activities involving defence affairs.

In a circular issued by the Central Military Commission (CMC) to strengthen military information security of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and armed police, orders have been given to standardise management of military information, conduct risk assessment and protect the information in accordance with security hierarchies, PLA Daily reported.

Efforts should also be made to promote domestically developed information infrastructure, including Chinese produced software, to innovate and improve information security defence, and offer personnel support for information management, the circular said.

The CMC urged unswerving efforts to safeguard "ideological security" online and crackdown on illegal online activities, such as leaks, involving military affairs, state-run China News Service reported.

Comprehensive management and control measures should be carried out to ensure security of important personnel, core data and key devices, the guidelines said.

Calling increased information security "a bottom-line project" for improving combat readiness, the document said pragmatic measures should be adopted to solve conflicts and important problems, it said.


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