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China completes 150 naval missions in Somalia's seas

Chinese Navy celebrated the first anniversary of the Chinese fleet's escort mission on Ma'anshan frigate of the fourth Chinese naval flotilla in the Gulf of Aden. A File Photo of Ma'anshan frigate.

GULF OF ADEN (BNS): Chinese naval fleet Saturday completed 150 operations after escorting 14 naval vessels in Somali waters which is a hub for pirate attacks.

Chinese Navy also celebrated first anniversary of their naval fleet's escort mission in the Gulf of Aden.

According to Chinese news agency, Xinhua, 11 Chinese vessels and 3 foreign ships arrived safely in the east of Gulf of Aden. They were escorted by Ma'anshan frigate (Type 054) and the Qiandaohu supply ship.

The Qiandaohu provides logistics support base to the Chinese naval escort taskforce. The Type 054 is the new-generation multirole missile frigate for the PLA Navy. Ma'anshan (525) is the first ship of the Type 054 frigate. It is in general equipped with medium-frequency sonar, suited for active-search operations.

On December 26, 2008, China deployed three warships to battle pirates off the coast of Somalia.

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