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China, S Korea hold first strategic defence talks

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SEOUL (BNS): China and South Korea held their first defence strategic meeting in Seoul on Wednesday, according to a Chinese media report.

The deputy Chief of General Staff of the People's Liberation Army of China Ma Xiaotian met with South Korea's vice Defense Minister Lee Yong-gul to discuss on various defence and security issues.

The nations are willing to strengthen defence cooperation between them and maintain peace and stability.

"China and South Korea are close neighbours. With continuous development of bilateral ties, exchanges and cooperation in the defense area between the two nations also developed ahead step by step and reliably," Xinhua quoted Chief of Genera Staff of PLA as saying.

The meeting took place after the approval of the defence ministers of two countries, who met last month in Beijing and agreed to open the annual strategic dialogue between the two nations to enhance their defence ties, it said.


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