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China, Pakistan, Thailand, Mongolia to hold military exercise

BEIJING (PTI): The militaries of China, Pakistan, Mongolia and Thailand will take part in a multinational peacekeeping exercise to be organised by the People's Liberation Army in the country's central Henan province next month, a senior official said in Beijing on Thursday.

The four countries will take part in the first multinational peacekeeping live exercise ‘Shared Destiny-2021’ at the combined-arms tactical training base of the PLA in Henan's Queshan county from September 6 to 15, spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defence Senior Colonel Tan Kefei told an online media briefing.

All the four countries will dispatch more than 1,000 troops to participate in the drills, involving units of infantry, fast response, security, helicopter, engineering, transportation and medical services, Tan said.

The scenario of the exercise is joint operations of multinational peacekeeping forces and the exercise will be held in a close-to-real battlefield environment set in accordance with the international, professional and realistic combat standards, he said.

In the exercise, drills of battlefield reconnaissance, security guarding and patrol, armed escort, protection of civilians, response to violent and terrorist attacks, construction of temporary operation base, battlefield first aid and pandemic control will be conducted for the purpose of responding to the UN's Action for Peacekeeping initiative, promoting practical cooperation and making joint efforts to enhance the peacekeeping standby forces' capability of carrying out tasks.

Tan said that the Chinese military will continue to take a more active part in UN peacekeeping operations and always be a staunch defender of world peace, the Chinese military's official website reported.


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