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Chandrayaan-I data provides vast scope for research on moon

COIMBATORE (PTI): The data gathered by Chandrayaan-I mission provides vast scope for research on the moon, a top ISRO scientist has said.

India, through Chandrayaan, was the pioneer in discovering existence of water on moon and similarly there was possibility of existence of minerals, including titanium, on it, Chandrayaan Project Director Mylswamy Annadurai said here on Monday.

On Chandrayaan-II, he said the Rs 425-crore project will be launched in 2012-13 with an orbiter that will take the Chandrayaan-I orbit and two motorised robots which would be soft landed on the moon.

To a question, he said Chandrayaan-II will have more indigenous components and its budget is less like the first mission, compared to similar missions of other countries.

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Chandrayaan-I detects ice deposits on moon

NASA's Mini-SAR instrument on Chandrayaan I, found more than 40 small craters with water ice. The craters range in size from 2 to 15 km in diameter.

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