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Chandrayaan-1 will help India economically, Kalam

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam speaks with ICRASAT Director William Dar at the meeting on National Consultation on Technology Bank, in Hyderabad on Monday. PTI Photo.

HYDERABAD (PTI): With the countdown beginning for India's maiden unmanned moon mission launch Chandrayaan-1, former Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam on Monday wished the Indian space scientists success.

“Definitely, they (space scientists) have done a fantastic work. I wish them full success,” Kalam told reporters on the sidelines of inauguration of a 'National Consultation on Technology Bank'.

When asked how this mission will help the Indian space research, Kalam said that Earth, Moon and Mars have strategic and economic entity. “The Chandrayaan-1 mission will help India economically,” Kalam said.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C11) will put Chandrayaan-1, into orbit and the launch is scheduled for Wednesday from Sriharikota at 6:20am.

According to ISRO scientists, the spacecraft will orbit the moon. It will survey the surface of the moon with high resolution equipment to produce a complete map of its chemical characteristics and its three dimensional topography, they said.

The goals of the mission will not only be confined to ISRO's capabilities but help resolve long standing questions about the Moon's history. India, so far, has not sent a satellite beyond Earth's orbit and this will be the first mission to the Moon.

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