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Cassidian supplies high-performance radar for German frigates

Cassidian, the recently renamed defence and security division of EADS, is equipping the German Navyís new F125 stabilisation frigates with their newly developed TRS-4D/NR radar.

LEIDEN (BNS): The German Navy will equip its new F125 stabilisation frigates with Cassidian’s TRS-4D/NR radar, which detects movements on the sea and in the air with previously unattainable precision.

Cassidian, the recently renamed defence and security division of EADS, has received an order for four naval radars and one land-based system from Blohm & Voss Naval GmbH, in Hamburg, Germany.

The TRS-4D radar is based on a new aerial concept and the latest radar technology which, in comparison to conventional radar systems, enables completely new options for location and surveillance, a company statement said.

For the new F125 frigates, each radar is installed with four fixed, i.e. non-rotating, aerial panels. The TRS-3D on the other hand works with a rotating aerial.

The radar works using the technology of electronic beam scanning (E-Scan), which is deployed for both conventional, mechanically rotating aerials and immovably mounted radar aerial panels such as those used on the F125.

Four aerial panels are distributed here between two ship’s masts, each carrying two panels. Due to the real-time electronic control of the beam, this radar can carry out several reconnaissance tasks at the same time.

For example, it can do a long-range scan of the sea and airspace while simultaneously concentrating on tracking individual targets.


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