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CVC, Law Ministry views sought on blacklisting of defence cos

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NEW DELHI (PTI): With the Army's artillery modernisation plan being hit by the government's blacklisting of armament firms, the Defence Ministry has sought the opinion of the Law Ministry and Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on how to deal with the problems arising out of the actions.

"The Defence Ministry has written to the Law Ministry and the CVC to get their views on what needs to be done further in the matter, including any action to be taken," officials said here today.

The Ministry had on June 5 this year blacklisted Singapore Technologies, which was a strong contender for the army's requirement for ultralight 155mm howitzers, along with six other companies.

The tainted companies, including the Israeli Military Industries (IMI) and Polish BVT, were found to having dealings with former Ordnance Factories Board chairman Sudipto Ghosh against whom the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had lodged an FIR on corruption charges on May 17 this year.

Along with the blacklisting, the Defence Ministry had written to the CBI to provide it with further details of the case against Ghosh and more evidence to further initiate action against the tainted companies.

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