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CDS Gen Rawat dedicates joint logistics facility in Mumbai

NEW DELHI (PTI): Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat on Thursday operationalised a tri-services logistics facility in Mumbai in what is seen as a concrete step towards bringing greater integration in functioning of the three forces.

He dedicated the 'joint logistics node' (JLN) through video conferencing from Delhi.

"These JLNs will provide integrated logistics cover to the armed forces for their small arms ammunition, rations, fuel, general stores, civil hired transport, aviation clothing, spares and also engineering support in an effort to synergise their operational efforts," the Defence Ministry said.

In his address, Gen Rawat said establishment and operationalisation of joint logistics nodes is a "very important first step" in the direction of logistics integration of the three services.

"Acceptance of each other's limitations and learning from each other's strengths and best practices is essential to help improve the functioning and efficacy of these nodes," he said.

In a statement, the Defence Ministry said all future wars will be conducted by the tri-services in an integrated manner.

"To enable our Armed Forces to conduct successful operations, it is essential that they be provided with sound logistics support during all stages of the war," it said on the occasion of inauguration of the third joint logistics node.

The Ministry said the initiative would accrue advantages in terms of saving manpower, economise utilisation of resources, besides ensuring financial savings.

"I call upon everyone to continue to strive for excellence in our endeavour to become a fully integrated, modern and self-sufficient future-ready force," the Chief of Defence Staff said.

He also emphasised on the need to work towards greater integration of logistics, saying it would help the armed forces in taking benefit from the infrastructural and logistics improvements at the national level.

"Through this, we will bring to bear the actual 'Whole of the Nation' effort on our adversaries," he added. He also urged the Services to put-in concerted efforts to achieve cost cutting as well as modernisation," he said.

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