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British Army receives recce vehicles for Afghan ops

The Scimitar Mark 2 Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) has gone operational on Operation HERRICK 14 and is currently being used by the 9th/12th Royal Lancers in Lash Durai Junction, Helmand province. Photo: UK MoD.

TELFORD, UK (BNS): The British Army has procured improved versions of the Scimitar recce vehicle family with tougher new hulls and a range of other upgrades from BAE Systems.

Five variants of the CVR(T) (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance –Tracked) family are being upgraded to the Mk 2 standard as part of this fast-moving and cost-effective Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) programme.

In addition to the Scimitar Mk 2 reconnaissance vehicle, the supporting Spartan troop carrier, Samson repair & recovery, Sultan command post and Samaritan ambulance are being re-hulled at a total cost of less than $47.36700 million, according to a news release by the company.

The new Telford design, based on the Spartan hull incorporates a range of design changes to improve mine blast protection, improve vehicle maintainability and reduce support costs while minimising weight growth and also has an improved driver egress.

"“In addition to the change in material, the new hull for the Scimitar Mk 2 is based on the Spartan variant. This change gives vital extra headroom within the driver’s area to fit a blast attenuation seat, while providing an additional escape route through the new rear door," project manager Pete Hallows, was quoted as saying in the news release.

The first vehicles are currently providing improved crew protection for British Army crews in Afghanistan.

The Mk 2 follows earlier upgrades which gave CVR(T) a new engine, add-on armour and better engine cooling and air filtration to cope with operation in hot, dusty climates.

More than two thousand CVR(T)s are in service with non-UK customers and BAE Systems is marketing the CVR(T) Mk 2 and earlier upgrade technology to them.


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