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BrahMos ready to export supersonic cruise missile

BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile at Defexpo 2010. Brahmand Photo

NEW DELHI (PTI): Indo-Russian BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile will soon be ready for exports, with six countries in Asia, Africa and South America showing interest in buying the weapon system, considered to be the best in its class.

But BrahMos Aerospace, a Indo-Russian joint venture, would be able to sell the 290-km-range missile to a foreign country only after the governments of both countries give approval and the production rate of the weapon system was increased.

The countries that have expressed interest in BRAHMOS missile included South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, Defence Ministry officials said here Thursday.

"However, the governments of both countries should agree to the export. Only friendly nations would get the missiles," the officials said.

At present, the BRAHMOS missiles, which can touch nearly three times the speed of sound, has a production rate of about 50 units per year with India and Russia doing 25 missiles each annually.

"Now, we propose to increase the production rate to 100 missiles per year, with both the countries manufacturing 50 units each," the officials added.

At present, BrahMos missiles can be launched from land and naval surface combatant-based platforms. Future systems would include aircraft-launched and submarine-launched missiles for which work is in progress at a rapid pace.

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