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BrahMos Aerospace hosts 'Industry Consortium Meet 2013'

The 'Industry Consortium Meet 2013' being organised at Hyderabad on Tuesday. A BNS photo

HYDERABAD (BNS): To highlight the vital contributions made by public and private industries in making the BRAHMOS missile a world-class and formidable weapon system, BrahMos Aerospace on Tuesday organised the 'Industry Consortium Meet 2013' at Hyderabad.

The grand event was graced by former President of India and the country's 'missile man' Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam who termed the BrahMos Joint Venture (JV) as a fine example of role model of "courage and excellent leadership."

"BRAHMOS is a fine example of role model of courage, showing excellent leadership through system design, system integration and system management," Dr. Kalam said, while referring to the 'BrahMos Formula'.

Underscoring the larger dividends yielded by the India-Russia JV, Dr. Kalam said, "BrahMos has contributed in national development by providing opportunities in domestic industries -- small, medium and large. And, the industries, while actively collaborating with academia, have contributed towards the economic growth of the country in general."

"This successful model must replicate everywhere -- both in defence and civil," the veteran scientist stressed.

He further said that the Govt. of India and Govt. of Russia must make an effort for export (of BRAHMOS) to friendly countries.

Dr. A S Pillai, CEO & MD of BrahMos Aerospace, while expressing his gratitude towards the immense contributions made by the Industrial Consortium, said, "The Industry has been a great strength and force multiplier. Today we have realised the Missile Industry Consortium in India with public-private partnership and in Russia as a corporate entity for large-scale production of BRAHMOS missile and systems.

"It is essential that the public-private consortium established for BrahMos become a national model, if we have to achieve self reliance. Therefore, a Military Industrial Complex must emerge for high-tech defence systems."

A number of industries have been identified in India and Russia for the production of different sub systems of the missile. The Indian industries, in particular, seeing the tremendous growth potential of BRAHMOS, have invested their own resources and set up work centres in this regard, Dr. Pillai, recipient of 'Padma Bhushan' award, said.

He also recalled the remarkable contributions made by DRDO, especially by RCI, DRDL, R & D (E), ASL and ITR, during the initial stages of design and development of BRAHMOS.

Focusing on the contribution of Russia in the project, he said, "The support and guidance from NPOM also helped us to achieve unprecedented milestones in BrahMos. BRAHMOS has become a shining milestone in the cooperation between India and Russia."

BRAHMOS is unique with its higher weapon effectiveness, reliability, multi-platform, multi-mission and multi target capability. Today, it is the leader in cruise missile family and in establishing the brand, Dr. Pillai added.

Also present on the occasion were Mr. Maksichev, NPOM & Joint MD, BrahMos Aerospace, Dr. V G Sekaran, CC R & D Strategic Systems, Mr. K Venkataramanan, CEO & MD of L&T, Mr. A M Suslov, First Deputy Director General of Strela Plant, Orenburg, Russia and Rear Adm. S Mohapatra, ED Production, BrahMos Aerospace, Hyderabad.

BrahMos also felicitated the Industry partners and key individual contributors involved in the design, development and production of BRAHMOS weapon system during the event.

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