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Aero India 2023

BrahMos Aerospace a major attraction at Aero India 2021

BrahMos Aerospace Pavilion at Aero India 2021. Photo: BNS

BENGALURU (BNS): BrahMos Aerospace is a major attraction at the 13th edition of biennial Aero India 2021 being organised at Bengaluru, Karnataka from 03 - 05 February 2021.

BrahMos Aerospace is showcasing the BRAHMOS missile in various configurations, including the land-based weapon complex, ship-based weapon complex, underwater version and air-version along with the BRAHMOS air-borne launcher and equipment manufactured by BATL for Defence and Space applications including systems and sub-systems manufactured by various industries associated with BrahMos.

BRAHMOS is the world’s fastest, one of its kind, two-staged, universal supersonic cruise missile with top speed of Mach 3 which operates on the ‘Fire and Forget Principle’. Stealth technology and guidance system with advanced embedded software provides the missile with cutting edge features.
Today BrahMos Aerospace enjoys a unique place in the world of defence. BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile is capable of hitting sea and land based targets beyond radar horizons. The missile with pinpoint accuracy can be launched as far as 290 km from the target. The missile has successfully demonstrated its speed, precision and power a number of times from naval ships, Mobile Autonomous Launchers and fighter aircraft.


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