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Boeing's F-15 Silent Eagle makes 1st flight

F-15 Silent Eagle demonstrator. A Boeing photo

ST. LOUIS (BNS): Boeing's Silent Eagle flight demonstrator aircraft F-15E1 has completed a successful first flight.

During the 80-minute flight on Thursday from Lambert St. Louis International Airport, the F-15E1 opened and closed its left-side Conformal Weapons Bay, which contained an AIM-120 Instrumented Test Vehicle (ITV) missile, Boeing said.

F-15 Development Programs Director Brad Jones said, "Our intent was to verify all systems are operational in a flight environment. This flawless flight allows us to move into the next phase. In the next couple of weeks, we will ferry F-15E1 to the test range and launch an AIM-120."

"Everything about the flight went according to plan," said Boeing F-15 Chief Test Pilot Dan Draeger.

"We saw nothing unusual during the flight, and we cleared the desired flight envelope needed to fire the missile at the test range; that is pretty much unheard of on a first flight."

The F-15SE offers unique aerodynamic, avionic and Radar Cross Section reduction features that provide the user with maximum flexibility to dominate the ever-changing advanced threat environment. The aircraft's Conformal Weapons Bays can carry a variety of air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground weapons.


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