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Boeing to provide additional torpedo defence systems for US Navy Ships

SMITHFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA (BNS): Boeing through its Argon ST subsidiary, will provide the US Navy with five additional AN/SLQ-25C surface ship torpedo defence systems known as 'Nixie.'

The system lures torpedoes away from intended targets by mimicking a ship's acoustic signature. It is currently installed on all US Navy combatant ships and the vessels of more than 20 other naval forces.

"For more than 20 years, Nixie has provided sailors with protection and peace-of-mind, and this contract ensures our partnership with the US Navy will continue to grow," said Mark Bock, director of Maritime Defensive Systems at Argon ST.

"With a new, state-of-the art, streamlined production line for the towed body component, we continue to maximize Nixie's capability and affordability for our global customers."

Argon ST is the sole contractor for the design, development and manufacture of this electro-acoustic decoy system. Work under the $6.5 million contract, will be done in Lemont Furnace and Smithfield, Pennsylvania.


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