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Boeing receives US Navy contract for P-8A Poseidon

The P-8A Poseidon. A Boeing photo

SEATTLE (BNS): Boeing has received a contract worth $1.98 billion from the US Navy for 13 additional P-8A Poseidon long-range maritime patrol aircraft.

The contract, awarded on August 1, includes long-lead funding previously approved by the Navy.

With the latest order, the Navy has so far ordered 37 of the 117 P-8As it is expected to buy, Boeing said, adding that to date, 10 have been delivered.

"This new contract award will continue to deliver aircraft to the fleet squadrons scheduled to receive their initial batch of P-8As on cost, schedule and performance parameters in accordance with the approved Acquisition Program Baseline," said Capt. Scott Dillon, the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft Program Office's programme manager.

The P-8A Poseidon multi-mission aircraft is based on the Boeing 737-800 airframe with state-of-the art equipment for maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare.

The intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft is designed to replace the US Navy's P-3C Orion aircraft.

Initial operational test and evaluation of the aircraft was completed in March 2013.

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